Shoutout for Panera Bread Co.

got snagged by a lady at church the other day to help out with the food pantry at church. A oneshot deal, and to tell the truth I was kind of annoyed at the time but now that I’ve done it, I would do it again. It’s also worth a mention at this time I would much rather perform acts of service than sit through a service like a fucking lemming.

we’ve got a food pantry at church that’s open for needy families to come get food for free. Of course it runs on donations and one of the donors turns out to be Panera Bread Co. PBC makes all their breads and pastries fresh daily, and whatever doesn’t get used at the end of the day goes to (at least this local one does) charity. All my wife and I had to do was show up at closing last night with bins from the church and PBC filled them with all their left over loaves, pastries, and cookies. Apparently PBC does this with a different charity every night of the week. lemme repeat that…EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.

How freakin cool is that?

My wife has always been the one that really liked PBC. To me they’ve always been alright, but I found them a tad expensive. Well, now that I have a better understanding of their cost structure (donate the day’s leftovers to charity, start fresh the next day) I am just supremely impressed by them. The manager and staff were so friendly, and gave us free drinks, and filled the bins for us in a very orderly manner, I just can’t say enough good about them.

So I say to you…check if your local PBC does the same and if you have a need, get your local charity signed up.

~ by sobriety6923 on June 20, 2011.

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