We now live in a world where I have a sponsor

holy cow.  just like that.  all you have to do is ask, and someone who’s been there will answer the call.  I used to work my sponsor, about 4 jobs ago. Still in the same town mind you.  never had a clue he was a recovering alcoholic.  wow.   it’s true what is said, you never know what someone’s going through or what they’ve gone through.

we just talked.  I gave him my history and I got a little of his.  He’s an engineer like me, but he’s more of a program manager now.  Laid back guy.  No demands, no strict rules, just suggestions.  I told him how I keep hearing stories about “well my sponsor made me do this…” and I asked him how are you gonna MAKE me do anything?  he just smiled and said he wasn’t.  I have to want to….best answer he could’ve given me.

At this point I want to want to.  He said that the further I go the better that will get too.  it was just damn therapeutic talking to somebody about it that knows about it and has been there.  better than the rapist ever was.  and it was free.

he suggested making a schedule of 2 or 3 firm meetings a week for awhile and having a floater in there too.  now just have to try to schedule it in, on top of everything else going on and hope my wife doesn’t go crazy with the kids and being soccer mom.  I hate that I’ll be missing family time and leaving her to do a bulk of the parenting, but this is something I have to do.  And I know, I know.  the irony right?  all that time drinking to escape and now part of the solution is going to meetings being away from them.  I know.

~ by sobriety6923 on August 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “We now live in a world where I have a sponsor”

  1. Wow. So excited for you! Am not overly religious but he works in mysterious ways. This sponser sounds like a great fit for you.

  2. Dude! Congrats! I’m glad you like your sponsor. The best thing is to find someone that you work well with (or, at the tables, we say “find one that has what you want”.

    Don’t worry about the family right now. They will understand, trust me. This time away (for healing and recovery) is going to pay a dividend onto them that the previous “time” you spent away (i.e. not recovering) will be but a distant memory. And really, it’s probably only going to be about an hour or so each time. You can always be back in time to tuck the kids into bed and help your wife fold some laundry (or, something like that).

    And keep reaching out! The more you talk, the easier it is.

  3. You’re on your way. Taking the first step to change your approach is huge. And the time spent getting healthy is better than the time spent getting drunk. Gotta keep an eye on the little red one on your shoulder. He’s always there to point out the negatives of getting healthy 😉

    God bless bro.

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