ahh, football has finally started again.  For a football fan, there’s not really any seasons in then sense of spring summer fall winter.  There’s football season, then not football season.  Or, I spose you could say there’s football season, then bowl games (I follow college, only keep half an eye on the pros from UF), then spring practice, then the long dead summer and “voluntary” workouts, then finally twoadays in August, then finally the season begins.  9 months of hell for a sweet, sweet 3 months of agony and ectasy, depending on how your team is doing.

UF has a new head coach, new OC, new DC, lotsa new this year.  New scheme, but mostly players from the old coach.  New HC Muschamp is a defensive minded guy, having been a DC at his most recent stops.  His nickhame is Coach Boom.

Boom Motherfucker much?  go listen again if you missed it.  That was when he was the DC at Auburn.  Before his DC stint at Texas.  Before his Head coach in waiting stint at Texas.  Before his Head Coaching gig at Florida.

Real excitable guy.  The OC is of course Cheeseburger Charlie.  He of the New England Patriots Super Bowl rings OC turned Tom Brady into an MVP and then completely flopped at Notre Dame as the HC.  Never really liked the guy but now that he’s a Gator he’s starting to grow on me if only b/c I’m seeing his sarcastic wit in a different light.  Sposedly he got the cheeseburger nic a few years ago after complaining about Florida jumping Notre Dame in the polls after sitting home and not playing, basically sitting home eating cheeseburgers while ND had gone out and won a game that weekend.  That and he’s a fatass.  But I am too so whuddevuh.

Dunno about the DC or anybody else really, but I’m cautiously optimistic about Brantley doing hellabetter this year in a pro-set much more set to his skills than the spread he was in last year trying to follow Tebow with Meyer.

and speaking of Tebow, sure would be nice if he’d get a coach that would learn to modify the offense to the QB rather than trying to make the QB fit the offense.  Let’s hope he gets plenty of opportunity this year.

In years past I would go over to a buddy’s house and watch the game.  plenty of drinking and fun to be had.  not this year.  not this year.


~ by sobriety6923 on September 7, 2011.

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