I learn something new every time I go

finally getting around to posting some notes from last thursday’s meeting. This was a new meeting place and group for me, and it was the meeting I got my 30 day chip at. I’ve been taking mental notes at all the meetings I’ve been going to, but for this one I started making notes on my phone on this neat little notepad app. derp.

Definition of Sanity: doing the same things and getting the same results.
If the definition of insanity of doing the same things and expecting different results, then sanity must be the inverse of that right? don’t go to mtgs, don’t get a sponsor, don’t work the steps, then get drunk. but go to mtgs, get a sponsor, work the steps, and stay sober. well looky there.

Going to the Expert.
If you had medical problems you’d go see a doctor right? If you had legal problems you’d go see a lawyer right? Well why do you insist on not seeing an expert about your drinking problems? Why keep trying to do it yourself? You wouldn’t perform open heart surgery yourself or fight a lawsuit yourself, so why would you try to get sober yourself? If you’ve got drinking problems, go see an alcoholic. Go to mtgs, get a sponsor, etc….

Dont quit 5 minuntes b4 the miracle happens.
Fairly self explanatory, but it reinforces not giving up.

Did you ask for it to be lifted?
You’ve got problems and you wish they’d go away. But have you asked god to take them away? Thing about god (to me anyway) seems to be this…ya he knows all our problems and all that, but he wants you ask for help. he doesn’t just remove the problem from you. You have to ask for it to be removed. And even if you ask it may not be until the reason is resolved that he put it there in the first place(I have a huge problem with this btw. Thank You God for the suffering I must endure? no thanks. but I’m working on it) But you have to ask. Job much?

I get drunk, we stay sober
If I do it myself, I’ll get drunk again. Plain and simple. But if I go to mtgs, have a sponsor, or at least someone I can talk to about it that’s been there, then we stay sober.

Don’t drink don’t die
just another quick little one liner to say to yourself to stay in the right frame of mind I spose. If I drink I will die sooner and in a more grotesque way than I should.

~ by sobriety6923 on September 19, 2011.

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