We now live in a world…

Where i have been sober for the longest time ever in my drinking career. The longest time in 12 years.

41 days. On one hand the gravity of it is still sinking in. On the other hand it’s just like na, na na na, life goes on. Y’know?

Still doing good but still waiting for the fall.  Need to keep working the steps and going to mtgs. Been stuck on step 3 for awhile. Think i’ll just skip it and move to step 4. That should be fairly easy. I’ve pretty much already provided a fearless moral inventory on this blog.

But ya. 41. Know what my favorite part of sobriety is so far? Being able to take a deep, satisfying breath whenever i want to. Those SOB issues i was having were just annoying the shit out of me.

So, good times. Keep coming back it works if u work it.

~ by sobriety6923 on September 26, 2011.

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