To the world today is just another day

but to me it’s day 44. how bout that. In the old days (pre-trying-to-get-sobriety’ishness) I would’ve said something to the effect of “every day I wake up alive I beat my own personal best record for consecutive days lived”. Meh. Let’s change that up a bit. How bout now that I’m in record territory we make it “every day I wake up sober I beat my own personal best record for consecutive days lived without a drink”.

^ ya that

I really used to hate a lot of those uplifting/feel good/make you want to puke they’re so cute type sayings. Like the one that goes “to the world you’re just one person, but to one person you’re the world”? well, I hate to admit it, but I might be going soft. seems like just about every new day sober I learn something new about myself, or change for the better, or am able to handle life better, or help someone I wouldn’t have been able to or wanted to prior.

it’s good man.
^ya that again.

ps. you ever notice how the first 3 letters of sobriety are “sob”? son of a…shortness of breath….sobriety. meh. maybe it’s just one of those things that’s funny to me.



~ by sobriety6923 on September 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “To the world today is just another day”

  1. Sounds like you’re growing and stretching! You sound happier, you sound like life is more enjoyable, and that you want more of that! Keep going back!

    Or, in big book terms…the promises are starting to come true!

    ^ya that!

  2. This is good stuff man. I notice I get less cynical every day that goes by. I find meaning in a lot of those “inspirational” quote things now. Probably because I’m not a hungover ass I suppose.

    -burnin’ bush

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