For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge


Gators got there asses handed to them tonight by bama. In years past i would have been verrrry drunk by now. And to tell the truth i did feel like drinking to dull the pain. But i didn’t.  the call and longing was a shadow of its former self. Now i’m just chillin on the back porch for a bit before heading off to bed. Full disclosure: i did have some nyquill b/c i’m stuffy and sniffly. I did argue with myself a bit over whether it was a replacement for booze and did i really need it but i can hoenestly say yes i took it for valid medicinal purposes.

Put up some christmas lights on the back porch as mood lighting. Came out pretty good if i do say so myself.  Its in the 60’s here finally for a night or two. I love it but already people i know are bitching about how cold it is. Heh heh heh.

~ by sobriety6923 on October 1, 2011.

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