Found this nugget at a steps meeting.
Today is not about you. It’s about who you can help.


~ by sobriety6923 on November 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Indeed”

  1. That’s so awesome, what a great message.

  2. Not to pick everything the hell apart, but:

    I think it’s slightly off the beam. Today is not about you, right. But that doesn’t translate to self-abnegation or to the idea that your turn is waiting out there somewhere. Or to the idea that you must go hunt down someone to help. The world is full of would-be helpers who’re trying to escape themselves, or prove to themselves that others are worse off, or rack up cosmic points. I find these people very creepy, and unfortunately a lot of them gravitate to mental-health work, where their own needs get in the way of people who’ve shown up looking for actual help.

    Today is not about you because other things in the universe are almost certainly more interesting, and there’s joy to be derived from recognizing other people and seeing what they’re about. It’s true every day. It doesn’t mean you’re not at all interesting, only that, you know, it’s awfully dull to think of nothing else.

    Wotcha think of that?

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