Ode to my former employer

so ya, I guess I’m still carrying around a little angst/grief/rage from being laid off 1 year ago today.

That said, please see the following (NSFW’ish language’n all that):

and oh btw, Warrant’s lead singer was found dead in some crappy hotel room a month or two ago OD’d on something.  irony?  bueller?  bueller?

~ by sobriety6923 on November 8, 2011.

One Response to “Ode to my former employer”

  1. Then put it down. They did you no wrong in the first place, and you were incredibly lucky in having another job land in your lap. People are allowed not to want you. It’s not about you; it’s about what they want. Surprisingly enough, they’re people too. In the meantime, there are millions of people wandering around unemployed for a year or more.

    After you’ve dispensed with the entirely uncalled-for and self-centered rage, think about whether you’d want your daughter posing like that girl on the CD cover.

    I support your staying off the hooch. I do not support the general spraying of filth and bile as though the world has some obligation to hang a medal on you at every turn, and is failing miserably to please. That isn’t therapy; it’s taking your shit out on other people — who, incidentally, have their own worries and struggles — and also hiding in litanies of ways people did you wrong.

    Everyone struggles, everyone is scared. You’re not special in this regard. Nor does it mean that everyone else is a worm or that life is horrible. It’s just what there is, which is why it’s best not to piss all over it.

    These are things my kid understands. She has to go to a new elementary school next year — they redrew the boundary lines — and of course she’s heartbroken. (And I’m worried, because the redraw affects property values.) She can’t walk to school anymore, she’ll have to leave her friends behind. And she’s scared she won’t like the new school. But she doesn’t go outside and get filthy-mouthed and destructive as if the district owed her seven happy years in one school; she gathers her little self up and tries to make the best of it, find reasons to be excited about going to the new place, find ways to stay friends. And she does, she’s successful.

    If a little kid can do this, odds are decent you can too.

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