Today’s the first decently chilly down here in south flawda.  Had a nice fire in the back yard with the kids last night.  We wore shorts and flip flops.  and jackets.

The cool weather has got me wishing I was back in the mountains, in Asheville.  It’s already snowed up there this year.  Then it hit me – I bet I got my offer about this time last year to work up there.  So I went and looked, and low and behold, Dec 1, today, was the day I got the email with the offer letter.  Holy Shit.  Call it fate, Call it Luck, Call it Karma….(venkman much?)

anyway, it’s just got me reflective, thinking about the past year and all the things that have happened.  wow, just wow, with some of it.  part of me wishes I was still up there and had moved the family up.  there I said it.  but then again I’m fairly happy with the way things have turned out here too.  I just don’t know what I want I guess.  Or I do, but it only exists in a world where I’ve won the lottery.

Thanksgiving was ok.  went to visit the family and stayed at the in laws.  Lots of wife’s side of the family. Her sister got married and it was nice too. didn’t feel like going to my mom’s house, invited her over, she didn’t come.  drama.  that’s all I’ll say about that.

but I didn’t drink. And I didn’t want to drink.  It was friggin awesome.  Prolly need to get back into a meeting sometime soon, haven’t been in awhile.  Haven’t even bothered talking with my sponsor for awhile either.  But doing good.  Just gotta keep the guard up.  But thoughts of Asheville do bring up thoughts of all the great beer there.

~ by sobriety6923 on December 1, 2011.

One Response to “Reflective”

  1. Yup…when u think that you haven’t been to a meeting in awhile or haven’t talked to your sponsor in awhile, that’s exactly the time to go or to call. When I used to think that I hadn’t gone or hadn’t called, my sponsor told me to purposely go or call…that’s when something magic will happen, or that will be the time you’ll hear something that you need to hear at that moment. Or, in other words, think of it as your Higher Power giving u a hint. Just a tidbit I’ve received in my journey…

    Glad you’re enjoying the holidays and family time. The things in life that make live worth living!

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