Critical Path Part 2

and another thing.  My biking.  I know I said I’d stay at 10k ASL but it occurred to me I want to frame how I came to be where I am with my cycling.  This one I’ll run from past to present.

Parents got me my first bike as a young boy.  banana seat and big handle bars.  Very 70’s.  Riding was about average growing up.  riding around the neighborhood, trying to find little jumps here and there, etc…

Then we moved to Germany in ’89.  We lived off base in Hutchenhausen, adjacent to Ramstein AFB.  I got a summer job working at Burger King on base. I was too young to work in the kitchen so my whole job was cleaning the dining area.  My choices were either get up at the crack of dawn and ride with my parents, then after my 4hr shift was done (child labor laws yo) I could wait around till my parents got done with work, or, ride my own bike to base.

Mind you it was only about a 6 mile ride from our off base house to the BK, but at the time I remember distinctly lamenting the unfairness of it all.  I was riding a bit around our village as well, lots of great paths in the fields around the house and whatnot, and just killing boredom by riding around town.  It was my only means of transportation so I made the best of it.

So anyway, I was basically forced to start riding as a way to get around.  But it stuck.  It’s grown to an addiction. I get antsy now if it’s been too long since my last ride.  Parents divorced right before I turned 16, moved back to the states, didn’t ride much b/c had a car.  Didn’t really start riding again till going to college.  Don’t know about your college campus, but parking at UF is a bitch and a half.  I’ve got a very clear memory of the first day of classes, fall of 96, my roommate and I driving around trying to find a parking spot, having to park a few miles away from our class and having to ride in.  We at least had the foresight to bring our bikes with b/c the campus is so big, it’s just easier to ride between classes.

It then progressed to just riding to class most days.  Even the evening classes.  Just went out and bought lights. After college there were sporadic sightings of me on a bike, a little trail riding, but not much.  My first job in middle of nowhere Georgia actually had a bunch of great trails around it, but I only knew of one.  and only rode it sporadically at that.  <inserts I can’t believe I lived in gainesville all those years and didn’t know about santos or felasco exclamation>

Didn’t really get back into it heavily till I decided to start biking to work in 2007.  Still had my old bike from college, rode it into the ground in the matter of a few months, went out and got the bike I have still.  Then came the bike hashes.  beer, 15-20 miles, more beer.  These are my people.

the bike hashing introduced me to more and better trail riding in the area and now local trail systems have become part of the criteria for a new job if ever I need one.  As well, since I get the itch to ride, but also have to balance family life, I’ve graduated to getting up at 5am sometimes and riding before work.  OMFG, what have I become?  heh heh.  I imagine the 14’ish yr old me would look at the now me and definitely let out a big ole WTF.  6 miles to ride in to work?  no problem.  10 miles before work in the morning?  sign me up.  15 miles offroad in the dead heat of summer in south florida?  icandiggit.

~ by sobriety6923 on December 7, 2011.

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