Critical Path

In business, for every project undertaken by an IPT (Integrated Project Team), some PM (Program Manager) somewhere sits down and comes up with a Critical Path (CP) for the project.  It’s basically the listing of events for the project parsed (listed/sorted) by what has to happen when for the next thing to happen, for the next thing to happen, etc, etc….

there can be several instances within the life cycle of the project that are the “whoa, stop here, nothing else can happen till this one does” items, or just one, or whatever, depending on the complexity of the project.

So I’m on my way to work this morning, stopped at a red light, and this thought pops in my head.  What’s the Critical Path of my life?  A project’s CP can be estimated b/c a PM basically knows what actions are expected to occur on a project and the PM has baseline data from previous projects for what needs to happen, how long the things usually take, how many hours expended based on personnel needed, etc, etc, etc… So going forward from project inception, the CP can be planned for and estimated.  Not so with life.

Life can not (at current time with current tools anyway) be planned out. Oh you can try and shoot for things, but bottom line is, if it’s not in the cards, it ain’t happenin. Too many variables affecting all the other variables.  But, you can look back at your life and identify the big things that happened that got you where you are.  That’s the thought(s) that ran through my head at the red light this morning.  So, I’ll attempt to back up in it for a bit starting with where I’m at and how I got here.  There’s all kinds of detail I could get into with all the aspects of my life, but I’m going to try to stay at 10,000 ft for the most part.

today: Married 11yrs, 2 kids, Engineer 12yrs experience, sober almost 4mos

Sober: called my sponsor 4mos ago and he agreed to be my sponsor and to meet and start working with me; and me working the AA steps.  off and on before that with going to meetings and meeting with other folks about it, and trying myself.<<< prior to that, being drunk for 14yrs.<<<prior to that, just always wanted to drink<<<turns out my dad’s an alcoholic, as well as his dad.  Not laying blame here, just postulating a path of events.  I am at fault for my alcoholism, no one else.

Engineer: I’ve worked for 6 different companies in 12 yrs.  wow.  Right now I’m a requirements engineer at Patrick AFB on SLRS.  Prior to that worked as Systems Engineer in Asheville.  Prior to that Systems Engineer in Melbourne.  Then another gig prior as Systems Engineer in Melbourne but different company.  Then prior again Systems Engineer in Fort Worth, then prior to that Electrical Engineer in Warner Robins GA.  Graduated with Engineering degree prior to that. College.  Highschool, met a guy who’s older brother was doing Electical Engineering, so he was, so I said what the heck and gave it a shot.  Was always good at math and interested in electronics so why not, right?

Married: married 11 yrs.  started dating in ’95, got married in 2000. she moved to the town I went to college in and we stayed together after I went off to college. left for college in ’96, she moved down in ’97.  we met at walmart while we were both working there in highschool. I asked her out.  She asked me out on the 2nd date (1st date was horrible, I wasn’t going to ask her out again.  Ironically enough, the line she used to ask me out for the 2nd date? Something along the lines of  “Hey you wanna go get drunk?”. I got a job at walmart where she worked.  I moved to that town with my mom after my parents divorced. She grew up in that town.  My mom moved to that town b/c of it’s proximity to local Air Force Bases, as well as having old friends there.  If mom hadn’t worked civil service all those years to look for jobs on those bases, or if she didn’t know those folks in that town, we might’ve moved somewhere else and I would’ve never met my wife, and we would’ve never had our kids. My mom met and married my dad, who happened to be in the Air Force, and she started working Civil Service.  My dad joined the Air Force after growing up in a bad neighborhood in Minneapolis (I know right?  Minneapolis has rough neighborhoods.  really?)

an interesting exercise (to me at least for the random weird thought of the day) to kind of look back at how you got where you are.

~ by sobriety6923 on December 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Critical Path”

  1. Great song to go with that entry…”Once in a lifetime” one of my all time Talking Heads songs! So perfect!

    Or…as Yogi Berra would say…”When you come to the fork in the road, take it!”

  2. thanks mang. y’know, I don’t even really like Talking Heads that much, but it is a good song. hope ur doing good.

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