The Problem with NyQuil

God I love NyQuil. Btw, Dennis Leary does too.

Sober 5 months this Saturday. Minus the NyQuil (BIG fucking Q) induced comas. I’ve touched on NyQ(big FUCKING Q)uil before, but I’d like to expound a bit. Waaaay back in the day I used the excuse that “alcohol helps me sleep at night”. Which of course is poo, b/c all it does is help you pass out but you never really reach a deep restful sleep, and you get up to puke, piss, or have something to drink b/c you’re dehydrated.

that said, in the last 5 months I’ve had a few occasions to take NyQ(BiG fuCKinG Q)uil at night to get a nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so I can rest medicine sleep. At first I was just chugging it straight out of the bottle. then I realize “hey, I’m prolly trying to OD on this stuff”. and obtw back in the day I used to chug it while sick, AFTER having been drinking all night. Oy. I’ve since peeled it back to just taking the recommended dose out of the little cup. NyQ(mmhm, fucking big, the Q is)uil of course has alcohol and whatever else in it. I worry every time I take it, but I justify it as medicinally necessary.

And now to the next point. I’m getting my balls cut off tomorrow. No not really, but your eyes just popped out a little didn’t they? I’m getting a Vasectomy. It’ll be an inpatient thing at the doc’s office rather than the hospital. Take the antibiotics in the morning, pop the narco 30 mins prior to the procedure, then Tylenol the rest of the way.

Screw that, I’ve got left over hydrocodone from something else sittin around and I expect it’ll get used. (wait a minute, aren’t you worried about addiction to pain meds?) well jeez, since you brought it up…

The older I get, the more pain I’m in. Joints wearing out and all that. My left ankle has gotten to the point where I’m popping an Aleve a couple days a week. I only expect it to get worse. At AA meetings you usually go around the room and introduce yourself. People will say something along the lines of “I’m so and so, alcoholic/and/or/addict”.

I have the potential to become an addict as well as an alcoholic. But I spose any alcoholic would, using a sample size of 1, myself, as the proving test case. I have to be wary, keep a close watch, on my drug use. Hey, I can’t drink anymore, so I’ll chug Nyquil and Valium! no stupid. just, no.

So on one side I’m thinking “yay!, I’ll be drugged up when I become half the man I used to be, then I’ve got plenty of leftover narco at the house for after!”. but on the other side it’s like “no stupid, just follow the directions, tylenol and ice packs is all you’ll need”. we’ll see.

and now for an aside.

my bike. my <expletive redacted> bike. Tried to go ride before christmas at a trail about an hour’s drive away. got there, got about a mile in. Chain broke. shit. hour’s drive back, drop the bike at the shop, haven’t ridden since. till yesterday. finally got my bike out of the shop with lots of new upgrades. went for a ride before work. got about 4 miles from the house, rear derailleur broke. nice 4 mile walk back to the house at 6 in the morning in bike shoes with bad ankles. yay. me. and now I won’t be able to ride for a month prolly between getting snipped and my bike being broke.

it’s ok tho. I don’t have to drink in spite of all that.

I don’t have to drink today.

~ by sobriety6923 on January 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Problem with NyQuil”

  1. Ny”Q”uil is harmless. Do the math…amount in one dose … well, even us beancounters don’t wanna track that. Tylenol makes a liquid that does the same thing w/o the .216 oz of alcohol to worry about. (Oops, did I say even beancounters don’t track that stuff)

    No worries! Just rest easy for a couple of days, drop the bike off at the bike shop, and keep coming back!

  2. Alas, it’s true, there’s often more pain as we get older. Most people live with low-grade chronic physical pain of one kind or another.

    The upside’s that the better shape you’re in, the less likely that is to be true. So if the bike’s not working, get the to the gym, man. And may I recommend P90X? I used to work in gyms, used to teach aerobics, and this is by far — by far — the best set of workout videos I’ve ever seen in my life. They pass what I call the “fuck me” test: If after an exercise I’m laughing and gasping, “oh, fuck me,” that’s a serious exercise. The vids are also carefully designed — I thought for sure I’d get injured, because I always have in the past when I’ve started lifting, and besides I’ve got a chronic shoulder injury from swimming & chunky-baby-hoisting. But nope. Never been injured doing these workouts, and i’ve used them on/off for three years.

    In fact I’ll go one better and lay out my “gym? Who needs a gym?” setup. Here’s what I’ve got in my house, which makes excuses totally irrelevant unless I’m sick, even though it gets ridiculously cold here:

    -Road bike on trainer (turns easily into an Actual Bike(TM))
    -Stairs (they come free with the house)
    -Set of free weights and bands
    -Chinning bar
    -Yoga mats, blocks, etc.
    -inflatable workout ball
    -step for step aerobics
    -Assortment of workout videos
    -Wireless so my Pandora streams nice through the smartphone

    I collected these things over time, and they’ve meant I’m less a runner, more an overall fitness person than I used to be. Which really means I get injured much less often, and eat much less advil, while still placing in 10Ks in my age category. I can’t say I was expecting to be able to do chinups in my mid-40s, either.

    (I’ve also used a stand-up desk for about a decade, ever since I had a back injury; these days I also use the treadmill as a trekdesk sometimes. Helps a lot in staying relatively pain/injury-free.)

    If you’re not used to working out beyond the bike, though — and I mean working out as an adult, not as a highschool kid — I’d say pony up for a gym and use a good trainer for a few months, learn how to work out again. You’ll find it pays off hard & that you feel much better.

    Good luck with you surgery, and please mention the AA thing to your doc if you haven’t. S/he needs to know about the history of alcoholism; it’s a serious medical issue, so don’t be shy.

    ps. Um…you may not want to sit on a bike seat, but yer arms & hamstrings still work. Go find a gym with one of those pedal-with-your-hands machines, do weights, walk, use an elliptical trainer as you can tolerate it, use your abs and quads as you can tolerate it. One works around, but keeps the blood moving and the heartrate up….


    the woman who was at the gym on her due date, scaring the hell out of the college-boy staffers, and who ran a 5K at 6 weeks postpartum.

    • thanks for the support. yep, I’ve mentioned AA to my doc. She even quizzed me on “what can I do the next time someone is like you…?” you sound pretty hardcore. (making mental note not to screw with…)

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