Neat little 19

so if you’re new here you may not yet know what a freak I am about 19. It’s just some random number to anybody else, but I’ve developed a habit of looking for it in everyday situations, and I love to reverse-engineer apply it to my own reality. I may have already mentioned my sobriety date and 19; but it bears another pass.

It stems from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, where the number plays prominently later in the series. big fan btw.

So I’m looking at my dates and double checking my 6 months (180 days). I have already previously realized my sobriety date was 19. August 16 2011 = 8+1+6+2+1+1 = 19

So I whipped (scuse me while I whip this out) out my spreadsheet today and just added 180 (6 months right? we won’t worry about months less than or greater than 30, we’ll just take 30 for estimation purposes) to 8/16/2011, and lo and behold it comes out to Feb 12 2012. That’d be 02122012; or 2+1+2+2+12 = 19 for the uninitiated.

holy shit.

Hmmmm, maybe this IS something I’m sposed to do. God/universe/intelligent designer sending little ole me a message? Or it could just be completely random and useless. nah, we’ll go with the former. I’m special and people LIKE me!


~ by sobriety6923 on January 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “Neat little 19”

  1. …I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

    And my favorite hockey player of all time is #19…Steve Yzerman.

    Good number!

  2. There are NO Coincidences, only GOD being Anonymous. Good Luck.

  3. […] U gotta be effing kidding me This’ll be a follow up to Neat Little 19. […]

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