10,000 hours

I’ve heard it said it takes 10,000 hours to become an “expert” at something.  So let’s break that down.  Because I’m OCD like that.

10,000 hrs; is
1,250 8hr days; is
250 work weeks; is
4 yrs 9 months and change.

That’s almost 5yrs of doing something at work to become an “expert” at it. I used 8 hr days for standard work days.  Y’know, like you do a thing at work and then get good at it and whatnot.

Now, let’s assume a 24 hr scale for staying sober b/c it really is just way more than putting in 8hrs (9 hrs with a lunch) then not thinking about it for the next 15’ish, just for SnG’s (that’s shits n grins for all ya’ll can’t keep up).  It’s an hour by hour, sometimes minute to minute decision, EVERY.DAY.

10000 hrs; is
416.67 days; is
59.52 weeks; is
1 yr 1 month and change’ish.

So, assuming my math is right, and it always is (no not really but I sometimes like to pretend I’m Tony Stark), by using the 10000hr rule, it takes a little over a year to become an expert at staying sober.  We’ll also go ahead and assume that this analysis is valid for those who have been drunk and are recovering.  Because before they became drunk, they just didn’t know what they were missing.

Maybe that’s why in meetings they ask towards the end “if you’ve got a year or more sober, hold up your hand to show it works”.  Maybe not, but it’s fun to think about when I don’t feel like working in the afternoon at work on a beautiful day.

Btw, one more little OCD’edness thing to ponder that’s interesting maybe only to me:  I’ve got 162 days / 5.4 months, so that makes me 39.31% of an expert!!!!

I’ll leave you to do the conversion to seconds and milliseconds if you so desire. heh heh heh.  ya I know, don’t kill yourself laughing or anything.  but I crack myself up sometimes.

~ by sobriety6923 on January 25, 2012.

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