Got to thinking about dates today. Specifically, how I’ve ended up where I am job/life wise.  Coming up on 1 yr at present employer after last year’s turmoil.  Wow.  To Recap:

Nov 9 2010 Tuesday: laid off from old job
Nov 9 2010 Tuesday: same day got call from Asheville company regarding phone interview about new job
Dec 1 2010 Wednesday: offer from Asheville company
Dec 27 2010 Monday: start new job from that company in Ashevile
Jan 13 2011 Thursday: contact from current company about phone interview.  This is one of the companies I had contacted in November after being laid off.
Jan 20 2011 Thursday: first try at phone interview fell thru.  2nd try scheduled.
Jan 21 2011 Friday: phone interview with current company.
Feb 19 2011 Saturday: In person interview with current company.  This happened on a weekend I was home visiting anyway so they took advantage.
Feb 23 2011 Wednesday: initial offer from current company
Feb 25 2011 Friday: amended offer from current company in response to my counter offer
Feb 25 2011 Friday: I accepted the offer.
Feb 28 2011 Monday: turned in my 2 weeks notice at previous employer in Asheville
Mar 15 2011 Tuesday: last day at employer in Asheville
Mar 16 2011 Wednesday: drove home, with overnight stop over.
Mar 17 2011 Thursday: got home to family
Mar 24 2011 Thursday: started at current employer

Today is Mar 7 2012.  If I remember right, I went up to DC to do some training for a coworker before I left the company for a week between the Feb 28 and Mar 15 so right now I’m up in DC; maybe.  Just interesting (to me at least) to look back and see how I got to where I am.

And of course sober since Aug 16 2011.  keep puttin one foot in front of the other.

~ by sobriety6923 on March 7, 2012.

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