Serendipity – a happy accident.

So a friend of mine started a group on Facebook and invited me to it along with a bunch of other of her friends.  It’s one of those alcohol free/detox type groups where you give it up for a certain amount of time. The group is Alcohol Free April. 

Well, I accepted, and then I posted a comment in the group. 


I guess I must’ve been ok with people seeing the comment, b/c I was at least ok with people in the group seeing the comment, but what I didn’t realize is that the group is open and it showed up in my timeline and in people’s newsfeeds.

FAHCK…..wait, no it’s ok.  Really.  It’s like my coming out party.  I haven’t really broadcast to all the folks I know that I’m an alcoholic or have been working the program to stay sober the last almost 8 months. I’ve been telling people here and there when the opportunity arrose, but I haven’t been in anybody’s face or really advertised it.

But the support I’m getting is just kind of taking me by surprise.  It’s pretty awesome akshooly.  A lot of these people showing the support are folks I hash with, and to my surprise they’re all like “hey man, that’s great, it’s no problem”  One of the things about recovering from alcoholism is facing your fears. Telling the whole world I’m an alcoholic is one of them.

Well today, by happy accident, I told a few more.

~ by sobriety6923 on March 30, 2012.

One Response to “Serendipitous”

  1. 😀 Gotta love accidental bravery cred. It’s true, though, when you’re doing the hard work, people will generally stand up for you, even when you weren’t looking for it.

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