Most Excellent Hashage‏

I’ve been sober a little over 8 months now.  Not one lick of beer booze or vino.  Couple of Nyquils and Hydrocodones interspersed here and there for colds and gnarly mtb trail wrecks but nothing to write home about.

I haven’t hashed in 8 months either.  Until yesterday.

Hashes (we’re talking bike hashes here, not foot hashes.  ankles are way too much teh suk to run) happen every 2 weeks in our kennel on sundays.  show up at 1pm, hares away at 1:30, hounds away at 1:45.  They’re usually anywhere from 10 to 20miles long over a mix of road and shiggy (off road).  There’s no mountains around here, but there is plenty of good ol Florida sugar sand and scrub forest to ride through.

Yesterday’s trail had me at about 14.5 miles at the end of it.  There was a Turkey/Eagle split and I did the Eagle.  E for Easy, T for tough!  naw, not really.  Eagle is the harder trail.

I got there right as the hare’s were off, so I missed the pre-trail carousing.  Got there, said hi to a few folks and got my gear all set up and ready.  Helmet, gloves, camelbak, keys, phone,  and driver’s license (so the authorities can id the body if need be; srsly) in the camelbak.  So I didn’t have to worry about saying no to a drink before hand.  I was actually quite apprehensive in the days leading up to it even tho I had already decided and knew I was ready to go back.  This was the first time I had been around a lot of people drinking since getting sober.  How would I handle it?  What would I say if somebody shoved a beer in my face?

So I got there and barely had time to say hi and get set up before the hounds were off.  I was able to say hi to a few folks and they were the ones that knew why I had stayed away for 8 months.  They were so supportive and nice about it, it kind of blew me away.

Once I got out on trail all worries of drinking were vanquished due to the ride and the trail.  It was so freaking awesome.  I knew I had missed it, but I didn’t realize how much.  Trail was out in “The Compound”; the locals name for an undeveloped area where a contractor had laid out miles and miles of roads for neighborhoods, but then they were abandoned and have become basically a redneck playground.  Good mix of overgrown paved roads and hard pack dirt roads that mtb’rs share with 4 wheelers and trucks.

Once I got back in I stowed all my gear and went over to grab a water and some junk food.  Chips and pizza today.  By the time I got in, circle was about ready to happen so I grabbed my water and circled up.  We circle up at the end of each hash and basically call each other out for doing stupid stuff on trail and sing stupid adult songs while drinking beer water.

Not once did I have a craving or was harassed about drinking water.  Nobody cared and I didn’t want any.  Face Everything And Recover (FEAR).  We claim progress not perfection.  I’ve talked with my sponsor about how he handled being around drinking after getting sober.  He and his wife are the type that go to plenty of holiday parties with drinks and his first sober christmas he couldn’t go.  But after that when he had progressed enough it just didn’t even bother him anymore and it was no big deal.

So, no big deal man.  Went and Hashed, had a blast, didn’t drink, didn’t WANT to drink; and in the afterglow, still don’t want to drink.

Check out for more info on bike hashing.  I’m with Lost Hares.

boo.freakin.yah. Boner Breaker sez….On On beetches!


~ by sobriety6923 on April 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Most Excellent Hashage‏”

  1. That is excellent. That is health. Glad you had a great time, and glad to hear about it.

  2. You, hashing again!?!? How awesome is this?!?!
    Cyber High Five!!!

  3. sounds like a great ride, and a great response to being around booze. good for you!

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