The Aftermath

This will be a follow up to The Best Laid Plans.

Awesome freaking weekend with the boys.  Drove up Thursday, got in late.  Friday went and rode the Jackrabbit Trails near Hayesville NC, then Saturday did whitewater rafting on the Ocoee in TN.  Sunday went back to Tennessee and rode the Chilhowee Trails near Ocoee.

Friday after riding I was just spent.  Was prolly a mix of exercise, and stress, and getting over being sick.  I’m a decent rider, but I’m still pretty slow compared to a lot of guys and I can’t climb for shit.  I’m still around 300lbs so I’m just slower. I get stressed trying to keep up with riders in a pack faster than me.   Guys I ride with tho, didn’t drop me and we stopped and waited at trail junctions for each other too.  Was a real good group of guys to ride with.  4 of them had Go Pro cams on their bike helmets too so there’ll be lots of nice pics and vids of the trails coming out later once they all get sliced and diced.  I even broke my chain b/c I’m such a rookie at shifting gears.  Too many times was in the wrong gear for a climb and shifting under stress is not good.  Guys I rode with had the tools to fix it tho so we got it taken care of.

Gonna have to see about bringing the fam up to Jackrabbit.  It’s on a really picturesque lake up there.  Totally beautimous.

At the end of riding Jackrabbit we started talking about what to do for the night and of course they started talking about going to the liquor store and then they realized, hey wait a minute, Boner (my hash name) doesn’t drink anymore.  Hey, will you be ok?  Ya man, go ahead I’ll be fine, thanks for thinking of me.  So it was good.  They were drinking all weekend but I didn’t have any cravings and was fine with it.  No drinking and no thinking about drinking for me.  Progress, not perfection yo.

Friday night the guys wanted to go out to a local bar and they had a great time.  I didn’t really want to go so I bailed.  Basically went to bed right after they left.  So of course I locked the door. In the middle of nowhere. With no one around.  Because I’m OCD like that.  So of course around 12:30 they came back and were drunk and couldn’t get in so I got up and let them in.  No big deal tho.  They had a real good time from the sounds of it.

There was a guy that was going to make the trip but at the last minute couldn’t make it so they brought a cutout picture of him with and took him everywhere.  To the bar too.  Great stories with that, that I’m not at liberty to discuss here.

Saturday we had to get up early to make it over to the rafting company so we got up and had breakfast and went.  This guy’s cabin up there we stayed at was niiiice btw.  We all had beds, bathrooms, full kitchen and laundry.  Super nice.  So we got to the rafting company and got checked in, got our gear, and got out to the drop point with the rest of the groups for the day.  The outfit was Cherokee Rafting Co, and they were great.  We told our guide we wanted to do the full bore ride, not some Disneyland mess, and he delivered.  It was sweet.  Not too long after getting in the water, he put us in a hole and got us wet, almost tipped us.  We ate it up.  Hooting and hollering how effing awesome it was.  He was testing us to see what kind of crew he was dealing with.  Past that, he put us in every hole and rough spot he could.  It was awesome.  They let us wear our MTB helmets for the ride too instead of the rafting helmets.  So our guys got to wear their Go Pro cams for the whole trip too.  more great vids and pics.  water resistant cases mounted onto the mtb helmets.

We went through the ’96 Olympic section and then pulled out for a catered lunch, which again was awesome.  Got to sit on the side of the river and watch other boats come through what we had just been through.  Either we had a great guide, or a great crew, or some mix; but we just kept watching boat after boat get flipped or in trouble in that section we had just come through.  There’s folks on the side of the river just watching at that point for people to get flipped.  Folks standing with rope bags too to toss at the folks that got tossed out.  After lunch we continued on down the river.  We did the upper and lower.  Was weird too, driving in we were looking at the river and thinking WTF, how are we going to raft this?  It’s all rocks.  Well, the TVA has damns along the Ocoee and only releases the water at certain times.  10-3 is the schedule if I remember right.  Past the Olympic section there was a dam we had to get out and carry the boats around then put back in.

At the end of the rafting we bussed back to the cars and got some souvenirs then headed back to the cabin.  Stayed in that night and had a fire in the pit.  Stayed up till like 3am or something BS’ing around the fire.

Sunday got up late and decided to go try a trail system we’d seen signs for on the way to rafting.  Went to the Chilhowee trails near Ocoee.

Another awesome set of trails.  This set was moderately more difficult and technical, but still a blast.  There’s a lake up there too where we all went and dunked ourselves after riding.  Good Times.  Got back to the cabin and hung out, made dinner, got ready to head back the next day.

Came back Monday and no incidents.  Just a great weekend hanging out with the guys.  My wife had a couple rough spots over the weekend with the kids by herself, but other than that nothing much to report.  Kept the costs low too.  I think I had $75 for rafting, then $50 something for shared food, and $130 something for shared gas.  Lodging was free b/c we stayed at my buddy’s cabin.  Not too bad at all.

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2 Responses to “The Aftermath”

  1. Looks like an awesome time was had by all! And to enjoy it sober, at nine months…what an awesome gift! Glad you had a great time!

  2. thanks man. we did have a blast

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