Here We Go Again

God I love being a slimy government contractor (read: no not really).  In true government fashion, nothing gets done on time.  I’m an Engineer and I work for a company that works for the Air Force.  I hired into my job a little over a year ago, after having been laid off from a different company locally, then doing a gig in Asheville NC for a few months while the family stayed here, and then landed here.  The job I’m on now is part of a 10yr sustainment contract for the government.  We’re at the end of the contract, and it’s up for re-bid.  Well, the way govt contracting works, towards the end of a contract no new work gets turned on while waiting for the contract to end.  As well, the re-bid process keeps getting delayed and delayed such that we’re getting bridge contracts to extend the end of this one, but still no new work.  Guess where I’m at in the project lifecycle?  Right, the very beginning.  Nothing to do towards the end so no work for me or my group.  So we’ve been pretty slow lately trying to figure out what to do.  Mgmt sat us down and gave us “The Talk” yesterday.  Basically we’re going to run out of money in a month and after that who knows what’s going to happen.  Oh btw, now wouldn’t be a good time to buy a new car or anything like that.  For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

Right now, today, I have a job.  Who knows how long that will last.  The Chair Force may give us some money to keep us busy for the whole next fucking YEAR so we don’t have to disband, they may not.  Place yer bets folks!  Ya, my money’s on not.  Luckily, my resume’s already out on some job sites and I still have daily job alerts sent to me so I’m at least cognizant of what’s out there for my specific skill set.  And there’s jobs.  There are.  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s just not much local.  It means moving.  For me that’s not too big a deal, having grown up a military brat, but it gets exponentially harder with a family and a house I’m so underwater in.  Short sale b/c I lost my job and have to move for a new one anybody?  Bueller? Meh, we’ll see.

It’s times like this you gotta put your past,  in your behind.  Wait, reverse that Pumba.  In my on again off again love affair with whether I actually believe in God, I’ve already told God that hey, what’s the plan man?  Imma do what I can to mitigate this and cultivate multiple options, but I’m giving this over to you.  Is this us getting out of where we are and starting a grand adventure somewhere else, or is this all going to work out here, or what?  You ask god for faith, you think he gives you more faith?  Nay, he gives you the opportunity to be more faithful.

And ya, I know.  Who am I to bitch about not having a job?  I’ve been continuously employed the last 13 yrs(for the most part) since graduating to a lucrative career field where I’ve more than doubled my initial starting salary out of school and beat inflation fairly handily.  Just another man, just another.

But no, I don’t feel like drinking.  So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

~ by sobriety6923 on June 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. Hey, my friend, been there, I feel your fear.

    I say this over and over to myself…since I’ve been sober (3 yrs, 10 mos), I would have thought that life would get easier for me. Hasn’t been the case…I’ve gone through three (count ’em, yes, three) job changes, and two periond of unemployment. I had to live away from home for two of thost jobs because I couldn’t sell my home. And, I’m dealing with the huge drop in value on my home now in ways I never thought I would experience.

    But, I haven’t drank, and I haven’t wanted to drink through all of the turmoil. I shutter to think how I would have handled these setbacks if I had been drinking. I just thank my Higher Power that after each setback, He has something better for me. It’s tough to put those kind of things in His hands…we alcoholics are such uber-control freaks! But, this is the time to have Faith. The Promises do come true…good times and bad…with Faith!

    Remember…one day at a time! 🙂

  2. I adore the “lapping everybody on the couch poster”, btw.

    Hey, I feel your pain on the possible-unemployment front. You know I’m a single mom; well, I’m working without a net, and I’ve been strictly freelance the last six years. Telecommute, so I can be here for the kid. I’ve got a great gig now, but it’s wrapping up, and nowt but tumbleweeds on the horizon. Car needs fixed, a/c needs fixed, tenant’s a/c needs fixed, I lost track of what all needs fixed. How do I do it? Skyhooks and cleverness. It works, though, the kid believes she’s a bona fide member of the middle class. Packing up for summer camp, swim lessons, math enrichment, the whole thing.

    Tell you what, though: Go find a meeting, and go regular again till things stabilize. It’s the things that make life shaky that suddenly shake you loose. So even if you don’t want to drink now, go anyway, just as insurance.

    Congrats on 300, btw. A year almost. That can’t be right.

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