Horn Broke, Watch For Finger

It’s been a stressful week.  I’m so over the fucking drama.  Y’know?  I alluded in a previous post to the “possible” layoffs coming down the pipe where I work.  That was Monday when they huddled us in and during a meeting made us aware.  Then Wednesday we had another meeting and it was the same story, no real update.  The govt has told us “no more money for you” (remember to roll your r’s when you read that), and our response has been, ok, but here’s what you’re not going to get anymore if you don’t pay us, to which apparently they’ve done a whole “oh shit, we didn’t think of that”, and we’re still in limbo.

Right now we’re still in limbo.  Are we getting funded, are we not?  If we do, then we’re good.  If we don’t, then there WILL be layoffs.  They won’t let all of us go I guess, but in a situation like this it’s wise to cultivate multiple options.  I’ve applied to 9 jobs in the last week since Monday.  Only 3 of them local, and one of those 3 about an hour away.  All I’ve done the last week is spend almost every waking hour looking for jobs.  It’s exhausting.  I’m so over it.  Have got a real bad case of don’t give a fuck at this point.  Just tell me one way or the other, you know?

On a brighter note, son’s birthday was yesterday, he turned 5.  Had a fun (albeit way too fucking expensive) party for him at Pump It Up.  Pump It Up is an indoor Bounce House type playground for kids to go bounce around in.  We had a glow party too, where they turn off the lights and put on the club lights.  Don’t even want to know how much extra we had to pay for them to turn the lights off.  Wife did all the leg work, so I can’t complain, b/c I didn’t do anything with it.  Good time tho.  It’s good to have little escapes like that.

So now it’s the weekend, and our 12 year wedding anniversary is Sunday, as well as it being Father’s Day.  Have date night set up Saturday night and we’ll go do something together, prolly just see a movie and hang out.  We’re easy.  Am really happy how much our relationship has gotten better with me being sober.  Not just my wife and I either, my kids and I too.


She’s been so sweet and supporting too this week during this ordeal.  Thanks babe.

So, we’ll see what happens.  Doing what I can to mitigate the risks, and cultivating multiple options.

It was logical to cultivate multiple options

~ by sobriety6923 on June 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Horn Broke, Watch For Finger”

  1. Limbo sucks. But you’re handling this very rationally. I doubt it would be that easy if you weren’t sober.

  2. Live long and prosper…one day at a time!

    Job limbo sucks! Been there…it’s no fun. But, you are handling this great. And, sober. Best part!

  3. thanks for your comments

  4. ironically enough, I went to honk at someone this morning on the way to work for being a dumbass and hanging out in the left lane while crossing the street instead of going all the way into the median, and the horn didn’t work. no finger tho, just mild amusement.

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