So it Begins

Remember Mortal Kombat?  video game was pretty awesome, 1995(?) movie was too, at least to this 19 yr old when it came out.  Was gonna try and get Shang Tsung in here with a “IT HAS BEGUN” but a quick google image search just didn’t turn up a pic I liked, so fuck it.  just use your imagination.

Layoffs have started.  The way our contract works, my company, let’s call us company A, is the prime contractor on the contract for the government.  Company A has several other subcontractor companies working for it on the contract, companies, B, C, D.  Companies B and C have already started their layoffs.  No idea what’s going to happen with Companies A and D.  Today, I have a job, as of 9am EST anyway.  More later if that happens.

But, I don’t feel like drinking, I know what I’m going to do if I get let go.  I don’t want to, but like I said… Fuck it.  Thank You God, my Sponsor, and AA I’m far enough along I’m not going to drink with this no matter what happens.

Update: 10:30 and still here.  woohoo!  meh, they’ll prolly let all the company A folks go next week or something after the dust from B and C settles.  Yay obamacare sucking up all the funds for Defense and Technology!

oh hai NSA/CIA/FBI!  how you doin?

~ by sobriety6923 on June 22, 2012.

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