The past couple weeks have been a humbling experience for this arrogant engineer.  Has it only been two weeks?  wait, it’s been…,ya, almost two weeks.  tomorrow will be two weeks since being laid off.  wow.  I got laid off btw.  Haven’t posted that yet.  hee hee.  It came to pass that a lot of people got let go, so whatever.

We’ve been visiting family which we had planned to do anyway before getting let go.  Only difference is that we stayed a little longer because we didn’t have a reason to go back (no job for me).  But, we’re planning right now on heading back home tomorrow.  It’s been a fun, relaxing trip.  Friends and family alike have been checking in on me and I appreciate it.  Mom and Dad have both ensured me they won’t let us starve.  That alone right there is just so amazing.  To have that support.  They have the means, and the want to help, because their son is too stupid to have a 3-6 month emergency fund set up.  Hey, we just started Dave Ramsey a little while ago.  Baby steps.  We’re still on debt snowball.  With a huge side dish of well that just got delayed.

But I’m doing good.  Felt a few little tinges there at first about drinking.  But just went back to “just don’t drink today” and it was fine.  So, instead of getting up and going to my old job every day, I’ve just been getting up and going to the computer and looking for jobs everyday.  Had a phone interview yesterday with one company, have another one today with another one, and am working one with a 3rd company that’s not yet set up.  2 of the 3 would require moving.  Oh well.  And of course there’s also all the rest of the applications I’ve submitted and haven’t yet heard anything about.  But to just know that as long as I bust my ass to find a job, there’s jobs out there, and my parents will help us out as long as we need…it’s humbling and reassuring at the same time.  Kind of hard to describe.  I think I’ve alluded before on this blog how I hate asking for help.  Well, I didn’t even have to ask.  As soon as I told my folks, they offered.  I spose it’s kind of like God and AA in that regard.  Help’s there man.  Just go use it. Learn from it.  Go help others with it.

Know what else tomorrow is?  It snuck up on me again.  Tomorrow is 11 months.  ERMAGERD, 12 MONTHS IS ON THE HORIZON


Jurst dirn’t drernk.  Terday.

~ by sobriety6923 on July 10, 2012.

One Response to “Humbled”

  1. Hey!

    What you’re going through…no fun, that’s for sure. I’ve had that happen to me too, and it’s no fun. Thankfully, your skill set is in high demand, and you’ll be back at it in no time! The prospect of having to move again…no fun either, especially in today’s housing market. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

    One thing I discovered when I was going through this…I received lots of wonderful support from my AA group as well as from friends and family. I also noticed, albeit slowly and one day at a time, that I was handling all the feelings, all the emotions, and all that I used to associate with “failure”, I was handling differently. I, too, was one that hated to ask for help. I learned to accept help, feel and express genuine gratitiude (and, in some cases, to people that you know you’ll never be able to repay), and see my personal value in different ways (“you mean getting fired is not the end of the world?”) And I learned what it really meant to have dependence on my Higher Power. Over and over, when things were dire, my Higher Power was there with an answer, a solution, or a connection. And, I didn’t want to drink. All I can say is…the magic of the Promises can manifest in so many ways, many that I might never had realized before.

    Congrats on 11 months! Keep coming back, and keep reaching out.

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