Things are Comin’ Together

Hey You Guys!

man, what a month.  I haven’t been on here even to check stats hardly, much less post, but just wanted to drop a line and let everybody know I’m still here and still sober.  Turned over 13 months a bit ago.  Been too busy really to even have time to think about posting.  New job, new house, new drive to work, new school for the kids, unpacking, etc, etc, etc….

Been good through it all.  Have had the occasional craving, and that’s when I know it’s time to make time to go to a meeting.  My sponsor was actually getting on me about that the other day.  But I’ve been to a couple here in the new place now and plan to keep going.

More later when I’ve got more time and interest.  Hope you’re all doing great.  We’re doing good, and everything is coming together so far, and things are beginning to settle, tho it is still sometimes turbulent.  I forget if I mentioned it, but we’re outside Atlanta now, and I’m working for an engineering company doing Safety Verification on Chinese Nuclear Reactors.  Cool stuff.  I’ve worked more in the last two weeks at this new job than I had the last 8 months at the old one.  So fuck’em.  (ya I still may be a bit bitter, but their loss).

Sloth Love Chunk!

~ by sobriety6923 on September 20, 2012.

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