I quit….aaaand a lot of other stuff.

First off, still not drinking so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. Can’t really claim sober because I’m not working at anything or going to meetings or have a sponsor so there’s that.

But, I DID turn over 3 yrs dry in August. Yay. Fucking. Me. Why yes I’m still resentful about a lot of shit because I haven’t done any work to resolve it. hee hee.

Soooo, update from over a year ago then: Last post was June 2013. I was in Atlanta with the fam, wife was recovered from her broken leg, kids were doing fine in school, and my job in Atlanta sucked donkey balls. I had received the “talk” at work and was put on a Performance Improvement Plan, which really, looking back on it, I needed. But, it was the catalyst for me looking for another job, which I got.

We’re now in Wilmington and have been here since September 2013. A year here is sooooo much better than a year in Atlanta was. Holy shit fire batman. They just keep giving me more and more to do here, and I keep saying yes. I have developed more professionally in the last year than I have the entire rest of my career. It’s stressful, and a lot of times I bring it home with me. I was hired as a Lead within one small group and I had fun just adjusting to THAT, then a few months ago, they made me a lead for the same area for the whole fucking project. This is an 8 BILLION Dollar project btw, utilizing a brand new nuclear power plant design that was just yesterday(?) finally after 8 years certified by the NRC. That’s the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for you non nukes out there. Think going from a functional process area of just one small team of the project, to the lead of the same functional process area of the whole fucking project. Sooo, ya, growing pains. They are dragging me kicking and screaming out of my hole.

I quite frequently hit my threshold on many days, but my horizons are constantly pushed such that my thresholds are always being expanded. Still tho, I hit my threshold and I get to my “I quit” point. I now have 6 guys working for me, looking to me for guidance. 5 of the guys are no big deal, but there’s that one that quite frankly taxes me daily to the point of I quit, by 9am. Still, I try to look at it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. Opportunity to learn and get better at handling situations I have no fucking clue how to handle.

But, to recap, we’re in Wilmy now. Kids are in school, live in a great neighborhood with nice neighbors and kids our kids age, wife’s got a job, life is good right? All I really have to bitch about are what one of my wise beyond his young years coworkers refers to as “first world problems”.

Hope you guys are all doing great.

~ by sobriety6923 on September 17, 2014.

4 Responses to “I quit….aaaand a lot of other stuff.”

  1. So happy to hear how you are doing. You inspire me.

  2. Hi K. Thanks for chiming in. Glad you’re able to take something away from my musings/whinings/bitchings…..=)

  3. I got here by clicking through on the “deal with it” tag… glad I came across your blog, I read your recent posts. I guess I’m on a similar kick…different circumstances…but not that different I guess. I’m tired of my own complaining lately, ha. I miss that comic, Shoe. Not even sure if our local paper here has Shoe.

  4. Hi, glad you’ve found it helpful. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you’ll be ready to do what you need to do. Chin up, and comment as much as you’d like. =)

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