Only if you let it

man it’s a lot harder to actually do this than it is to say it…..but it’s true.

A lot of things in life will only bug you if you let them. Kinda falls under that old line of Life is really only 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Which is a nice way of framing it I spose. If you’re so inclined. I had a sponsor in Georgia, great guy, cool name. Raz. Used to get on me about stuff, and how about everything comes down to how I choose to react to it. I can let things bug me, or I can deal with them and let them roll off my back.

Overall I think I’ve gotten better at things, but of course I’ve still got my buttons or triggers. I spose everyone does. Luckily there’s not much anymore that triggers me to want to drink, well, that’s a lie. I would still love to be able to drink, but I’m smart(?) enough to know better….maybe experienced enough(?)….or maybe I’ve simply reached an acceptance. Despite not going to meetings anymore, or not having a sponsor anymore, or not working the AA steps anymore. Lucky so far. Anybody who’s ever started drinking again has been somebody who left the rooms.

I haven’t hit that. Yet. There’s always the “yet”



Gold star for you if you can guess what that’s from

Back to Raz. Reason he’s not my sponsor anymore is because of me. He recommended I get another home group here in Wilmy, and a local sponsor. I have failed on both accounts, and it’s all me. I also quit calling him, basically I dropped him. I know I could call him up today and it would be fine.

But srsly, back to choosing…..’nother thing Raz used to tell me is there’s nothing he could say to me to make me not want to drink again. It’s all my choice. It only bugs me if I let it. It’s my choice how I handle it.

Drinking. Annoying Coworkers. free ride when you’ve already paid. good advice you just can’t take….=)


~ by sobriety6923 on September 18, 2014.

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