Way Too Deep (or….you think too much)

I’ve been meaning to put these thoughts down for awhile now.  I’m very much a visual person and I have to see a picture either in front of me or in my head to understand a thing.

So, here goes : There’s either a God or there isn’t.  And we’ll go ahead and assume God in the simplest Christian sense.  We won’t delve into some other divine creator that’s not the Christian God of creation.


– Created the Universe, didn’t see fit to explain it to us

– Science as we know it is wrong.  Meh, on 2nd thought, not really wrong, just not at a point where it can definitively prove or disprove a God.

– Made a Heaven for the Good Believers and a Hell for the Sinners

– Created the Christian Bible through Divine Intervention(?)/Inspiration(?) for Man to have as the cook book for how to live [note for simplicity sake we’ll just take the case of Christianity and not worry about Islam or other Religions]

– Jesus was real and performed miracles


– Something else we don’t understand created the Universe

– Science as we know it is right.  Meh, see comment above.

– No Heaven or Hell as we think of it

– Bible is just a bunch of words written by people who thought the Earth was flat and the center of the Universe.  Dinosaurs?  meh.  Neanderthals?  pfffttt.

– Jesus was just a man and descriptions of his actions grew with the telling over the ages.  Or they were just accepted as truth by an uneducated populace and became part of the culture that was flowed down.

Either way, I WANT there to be a God, and a point to this life.  I struggle with the why of life and the things the Bible doesn’t cover so much that I don’t even really know what I believe anymore, besides I believe I’ll never have an answer to my questions.  I WANT there to be a valid reason there’s Billions of other Galaxies in the Universe, let alone millions of supposedly statistically speaking habitable planets just in our own.

At a minimum, a Church family is a collection of Good People and friends that will do good things to help their friends and the community.  Why can’t I just go to church, enjoy time with my family, and leave it that?  Why can’t I get over the hump of hating the waste of time I see all the singing and praying as? [y’know….you liked church the most when you went ahead and made friends and did some service….why don’t you quit yer bitchin and start that up again?  hhmmm?)

So, what has all this bitching done for me?  IDK.  Has it solved any of my questions?  No.  Has it made me feel a little better getting it out of my head and on paper(reallly?  how quaint.  We’re bloggin here y’know.  E-Filin) Yes

Like I said, Way Too Deep.


~ by sobriety6923 on February 9, 2015.

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