On the Pointlessness of Life

Position : Life is Pointless (or we’re at least so far off from understanding it, it may as well be). Your life, however, is not.

A recurring theme for me lately has been the pointlessness of life. Of course, this is all borne from a longstanding bout with depression and alcoholism, but recently magnified as can be seen by posts lately about caring for Dad. Every time I see him, I am reminded of my opinion on the pointlessness of life. Do a little Dance, make a little Love, end up in a facility all used up and dementia ridden waiting to die at the end of it.

I really want to include uselessness in there too, but I spose within the construct of life itself, a life is not useless, it’s just to me that life itself is pointless.

Because life exists, lives have meaning. What you do in your life has impacts to those around you in your life and to some extent the rest of the lives in existence. But, (I know I’m beating a dead horse here but stay with me) according to a bunch of goat herders from 2000 years ago who thought the Earth was the center of the Universe and created a bunch of writings now coalesced into something called a Bible, there’s an all loving God whose point of life for us is to love one another and love him because he got bored once and decided to create us and the universe, knowing we would disobey him and knowing he’d kill his son (himself) in order to forgive our transgressions against him.

Clarification Eins : I don’t have a problem with the message of Love the Bible professes. Forgiveness, love, respect….all fucking awesome. I just can’t make the theological leap.

Clarification Part Deaux : I’ve got a pretty God Damned good life by all accounts. I am very fortunate to have a good paying career, awesomefanfuckingtastic wife and kids, house, cars, dog, cat, fish, family yada yada yada. Coming home to my family everyday is the best part of.every.damn.day. Still, too often I let myself slide into this pit of despair.

But what about life? Why the Fuck does Life exist? I spose you can glean I am unsatisfied with the Biblical reasoning. I will, however, go ahead and subscribe to Intelligent Design. I believe "something" started all this with a specific construct in mind based on our ever widening understanding of the design of the make up of things, but I don’t think anybody has it right. Not Christianity, not Islam, not Buddhism, not any of the other plethora of beliefs the dominant species on this Pale Blue Dot floating through an unremarkable corner of the Universe has come up with. Easily 100,000,000,000 Stars in 1 average galaxy, call it the Milky Way. Easily 100,000,000,000 Galaxies in the Universe. Even assuming only 1 planet with life in one Galaxy, which seems absurdly low, we still get 100,000,000,000 planets in the Universe with Life. Hey Snowflake, Tyeler Durden sez : YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE. But, all this realization does, is make me more depressed because it’s proof in my mind that every belief on Earth IS wrong because they all point to a creator that made ONLY us. Further, with that realization, there’s then the void of well then WhatdaFuq is the point of all this?

By the way, my favorite joke recently is : You Matter, unless you multiply yourself by the Speed of Light squared; then you Energy. That’s E=mc^2 for those of you scratching your head.

So, where does that leave us? Let it go, Let it go….and just accept you live, so make an impact to those around you and don’t get so fucking down about the daily drudgery…..the monotony never bothered me anyway. (no not really but now hopefully you’ve got the song stuck in your head. pbbbttttt!)

~ by sobriety6923 on June 22, 2017.

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