The Parts of Us

So, I’ve been going to therapy since my Dad passed away. Did I mention my dad passed away? Been almost two months now. Nice lady, I enjoy talking to her. Last time we talked, the conversation turned towards the different “parts” of us….as in who’s driving based on our mood.

Of course the conversation then turned towards the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out, then a darker turn towards Disassociate Identity Disorder. Y’know….multiple personalities, except in that context there’s gaps in memory because they don’t talk to each other and don’t know of each other(?) No worries…..mine talk to each other just fine.

Well, that got me to thinking “what are my parts?”. From the list below, there’s a fair few (and I could prolly keep noodling and keep adding).
My Parts

The Doubter

There’s an evil voice in my head dangerously close to the front of my thoughts that keeps telling me I won’t be able to do it. This guy’s been prominent ever since college and banging my head against the wall through engineering school.

The Sarcastic

If anything I would say this guy is driving most times, or at least on call for first response to whatever situation presents itself.

Joy…..soooo small and neglected

Poor Joy, so little attention paid to him. So neglected, so difficult to find.

The Hoper

…..don’t give up on me. I WANT there to be a God, I WANT there to be a point to all of this, I WANT to believe my family and I will live happily every after.

The Fearful

Of wasting away in a cubicle

Of not being able to enjoy life either by time or health or ability or apocalypse

Of never being happy.

The Aloof (watcher?)

Y’know….<some random thought I say to myself>

The Analyst

Life is meaningless

There is no god

I can’t enjoy things because I analyze, figure out how they work, then the magic is gone.

The Addict

Just waitin to get turned back on man. 8 years sober this August? Nah, never gonna happen man.

The monkey’s always sittin there in the corner waiting to jump back on your back

The Do’er

In stark contrast to my wife’s Dreamer. Dreamer says “let’s do this!”, Do’er sez….nope that won’t work, OR, Do’er sez ok this is how we’ll do that.

The Dreamer

Like Joy, neglected and marginalized

There’s rarely any wonder anymore

The Numb

K, I’ll be honest, unless I’m specifically concentrating on something this guy is most likely driving. Just going thru the steps, not every really engaged.

So what’s that, 11? ….and note the order. This list is in the order I thought of them. #whatdoesitmean?!?!

~ by sobriety6923 on April 1, 2019.

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