A Retreat of Sorts Day 2 Tuesday Oct 29 2019

Day 2 was another great day.  I woke up a bit stiff but feeling good.  I noticed something yesterday and forgot to mention it…..I have not been taking selfies on this trip.  I texted my daughter this morning with a selfie while I was stopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRPkwy) at an overlook but that’s it.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!  idk lol

Will have to ask she about it.

Made bacon and eggs for brekkie this morning then got out the door with all the gear I’d need for the day.  Really just my camelbak with a filled reservoir and a couple PB&J’s and granola bars if I got hungry on Trail.  Grabbed all the personal electronics too.

She has been asking me in our sessions to describe how I’ve felt during circumstances I was describing to her.  It’s a surprisingly simple and difficult question.  Usually it’s some sort of weighed down everything sucks kind of feeling.  Not on this trip tho.

If anything I’ve felt light and airy, almost effervescent at times.  At times driving or walking around in the past two days I’ve even felt giddy at times like a schoolboy.  Can’t tell you how many times I just exclaimed in wonder at all the natural beauty around with the leaf’s changing color and the mountains.

Anyway, made it over fairly early to Linville Falls and the Gorge.  The parking lot was mostly empty when I arrived, and mostly full when I left.   Did the Erwins View Green trail described as moderate.  It took me to a few different outlooks of the falls and was spectacular.  I had Strava going while hiking and it said I got 2.29 miles with 548 ft of elevation change. All told today I got over 3 miles and 680 ft elevation change.  I sat and enjoyed the view awhile at each of the overlooks.  Simply spectacular.  From there I decided to head over to Blowing Rock to see the outcropping but I never actually made it because I kept stopping on the BRPkwy along the way.  Just so many places to stop in wonder.

First stop on the way from Linville Falls to Blowing Rock was a side pullout for the Flat Rock Trail.  Was advertised as an “easy” 30 minute roundtrip walk.  Well, it wasn’t too gnarly, but I’d put it on the moderate side of easy.  Again spectacular views, this time of the valley below and Grandfather Mountain.  Grandfather had even caught some clouds and I got some great pics of it.

Stopped several other times along the parkway being amazed by the views and was even able to offer my Leatherman to a group of Roadies.  They had just started their ride and had pulled out where I was parked bc one of them had some loose spokes.  Was glad I was there in the right spot and time to help.

It was getting on into late afternoon by then so I decided to just grab dinner in Blowing Rock.  Will prolly go back and do The Blowing Rock another day.  Had bbq, and then I remembered I don’t like Carolina BBQ.  Sauce isn’t sweet enough for me.  Oh well.  Still good eats.

Drove through Boone on the way back to see what it’s like.  Nice College Town.  Might go see a movie there the next couple days while it’s sposed to rain.  Friday I am scheduled to catch a shuttle with my bike from Abingdon VA up to White Top and ride the Virginia Creeper Trail back down to Abingdon.  Plus I have to be there at 9am which is 1.5hrs from my condo early morning after rain and below freezing temps.  Looking at the weather tho, I don’t know.  After the rain on Wed and Thurs it’s gonna be pretty cold for this Florida boy as well as possible icy roads….in the mountains…..and I don’t have experience on icy roads.  We’ll see.

Now back at the condo with a pain pill and Icy Hot on the right knee to chillax for the night.  Feeling good.  Day 1 was a homerun and Day 2 was knocked out of the park as well.  Very few negative thoughts and even when negative situations occur, I’m realizing how silly it is to get upset at them and am able to move past easy enough.


~ by sobriety6923 on October 29, 2019.

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