A Retreat of Sorts Day 7 Sunday Nov 3 2019

another do nothing day.  mostly stayed in watched tv and had a fire in the fireplace.  Did manage to drag my but out of the condo and down to the activity center and chilled in the hot tub for a bit.  Even played a game of billiards in the tiny pool table they’ve got there.  Was surprised at how little I sucked.  Got some more firewood for the last couple days.

The retreat is wearing on me.  I’m over the hiking, I haven’t ridden my bike I brought with at all.  I’ve had enough alone time for a little bit. We had rain last Wed and Thurs, then freezing overnight into Friday with temps near freezing overnight since.  It’s like I arrived right at the exact peak of color then WHAM the freeze knocked most of the color out at the higher elevations.  If you look down into the valley below you can still see some color but it’s less.

Am just ready to go back to the fam and re-acquaint with the normal everyday.  I’m sure at some point I’ll want to come back to the mountains, but for now I’ve had a nice trip and could go home to be with the fam.

~ by sobriety6923 on November 4, 2019.

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