A Retreat of Sorts Day 8 Monday Nov 4 2019

today was a I have no freaking clue what to do day.

got up around 8am, showered, decided to go out for brekkie because I had an apt at 11am with she. Thought to myself I”ll go out for brekkie then come back and do the video conferencing.

Well, unfortunately, she’s kiddo is sick so she’s taking care and not available. I was already oot and aboot at this time so that changed things a little.  Hope kiddo feels better soon.

Looked up a place to eat at, drove over there and for whatever reason they were closed even tho Skynet said they’d be open.  Tried the place across the street, boom, they were closed too.  F it, so I got on Skynet and found another place nearby and went to it.  It was meh. <omfg your whining and your 1st world problems>

I try to remain grateful for everything I have.  Sometimes I fail.

I’d been feeling like just driving the parkway for awhile so I decided I’d head down to Asheville on the BRP.  Wife called me at one point right as I was coming up on an overlook AND happened to have cell service.  Had a great chat with her about everything and nothing.  Was also informed of her frustration trying to get a hold of her dad and I on the phone.  Kind of like a ping pong – call dad, no answer, call me, no answer, keep going till she got someone.  She got me on the 2nd go round.

Well, the BRP is beautiful and all but after awhile it’s just the same show on repeat.  I got off the BRP at some point and just took back roads down to the interstate and over.  That was nice seeing regular people in non touristy towns driving through.

Made it down to Asheville and decided to eat at a place I loved when I lived there before.  You may recall I lived and worked in Asheville Dec 2010 to March’ish 2011 after being laid off the first time.  The eatery of course was just as excellente as I remember it, and after I just did a loop around Asheville.

Didn’t do Biltmore, or see the places I used to live, but it was really cool driving around and being all like “oh ya I remember that”.  Forgot how much I love Asheville.

Took a northern route out of Asheville a ways then back east to the condo and another beautiful drive on back roads.  There’s more beauty to the area than just the BRP folks.

Tomorrow is my last day here on this trip.  I need to reserve tomorrow afternoon for packing and cleanup so that gives me a good bit of time to do whatever else I thought about and have subsequently forgot.  It’s ok, I’ll figure something.

As always, hope you are well, and TTFN.

~ by sobriety6923 on November 4, 2019.

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