A Retreat of Sorts Day 9 Tuesday Nov 5 2019

Last day of Retreat.  I get to do one last thing up here today, then start packing and head home tomorrow.  I’ve been having difficulty picking things to do lately.  I guess I got my fill, which is a good thing.  So, my favorite thing of all in the mountains is the waterfalls so I decided to look for an easy waterfall hike not too far away.  Ended up choosing the Cascades Trial in EB Jeffress park on the BRP.

The trail itself was spectacular but the drive over was on par or better too.  Ended up taking a 4 lane highway out of Boone east to the trail.  I think I liked that drive as much or more than all the beautiful curvy mountain side driving I’d been doing.  Since I’m writing this post a day after I made it home I’ll also say that’s the route I opted to take to leave and get to I77.  It was spectacular.

The Cascades were beautiful and there were some great views as well.  It was a good wrap to the trip.  Came back to the condo later and packed, burned the last of the firewood, then the next morning finished packing, checked out, and started heading home.

This was a great trip.  I feel much more relaxed now.  The mountains are my jam.  Now integrating back into everyday life and so far so good.  She gave me some homework last we spoke, to start a Gratefulness Journal.  3 things I’m grateful for everyday.  At first I was hesitant, but so far it’s been fairly easy to do.  The point of the exercise is to rewire your brain away from negative thinking towards positive thinking.

Here’s what I’ve got so far

1. Accidentally finding the drive east of Boone to EB Jeffress and taking it home today
2. French Toast at Bellas Banner Elk
3. Finding Valle Crucis. THAT is my retirement dream

1. should’ve put this for yesterday but it’s an extension of #1, driving that way out of Boone to I77 I got the best gas mileage ever on the truck coming down out of the mountains. 35, 37 mpg or something like that.
2. Getting to see the fam again today
3. Hugs n kisses getting home from trip

1. purring kitty in the morning
2. morning hugs
3. blooms on the vining plants on side of house

Glad I was able to take the trip, and one of my next entries on the Gratefulness will be the support of my wife throughout all this.  Thanks Hon.

~ by sobriety6923 on November 8, 2019.

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